Products In My Shower!

Personally I love to try new shower products constantly, as soon as I run out of something I will always scout to see what I can try next. This got me thinking, I know careful..! Step into my shower, not literally, and see what I have been using recently! Most of these things are actually re purchases which is why I decided to write this down quickly before I use them up and move onto something else.

I will start off with hair as that is usually the first step of my routine, yes I know a routine in the shower?! It just works best for me and if I don't stick to it I fear I'll miss out a crucial step. I have been using the L'oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening shampoo and conditioner, I have extremely fine hair so any help I can get is a given and this duo seems to work. I don't actually think it makes my hair any thicker, that would take a miracle, but I do notice tonnes more volume and bounce after I have washed and dried it with these two. Also, I have somehow by some weird magic managed to keep them both at the same level, usually I run out of shampoo halfway through one bottle of conditioner. So yes, these are great for finer hair, or even if you want added volume!

Next is face products, I have a few that I use daily. Mostly swapping them depending on how I feel or how much makeup I've had on that day. Another L'oreal product.. I was thinking of doing a full face of L'oreal for a video soon but I think I could just about do a full body haha! This one is the Pure clay purity wash, its a fab cleanser and really gets off any stubborn makeup. My fave is the Eucalyptus one as its really helped the sensitivity of my skin, I use this first to really remove everything.

I then use The Nip and Fab Cleanser. The Glycolic Cleansing fix that helps to brighten and remove anything that isn't meant to be there. It is amazing! It really does work and the next day after using this and some other products from the range my skin is practically glowing. It also had olive oil in it that gives long lasting hydration which is always important after using an acid as I find they can really dry your skin out.

For body I treated myself and decided to get the lush comforter shower cream. Usually the shower gel of choice is what ever is cheapest so spending nearly a tenner on it was more then a treat! The reason behind this was that on of my favourite products from lush is the comforter bubble bar and because I don't have a bath while at uni I got this to fulfills my need. The vanilla/Blackcurrant scents is just the best. Oh and it's pink and makes the whole shower that colour too so what more can you ask for!

Moving onto extras, the things I don't reach for daily but they still deserve a place. I shall start with the Lee Stafford Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length. See when I first started using this I didn't think it would work at all, I just grabbed it in hope but low and behold it does what it says on the tin! My hair has grown a good few inches in the last three months of using it and that is amazing as usually it would get to a length and be too fine and just break which annoyed me. I can hand on heart say that I truly love this hair treatment because it has helped my hair to grow and also keep it in a lovely condition!

I also use the Nip and Fab face scrub which is one of my favourites also as it is really gritty and feels like you're actually doing something to remove all of the dead skin and other nasties. Instead of the ones that kind of feel like they're doing something but in reality they don't quite cut it.

The liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, I'm sure you have all heard so much about this now thought so I won't go on too much, I use this for a really deep cleanse every other day as I find it more of a luxury skincare product, Plus I like to try different things daily to keep my skin on its toes so it doesn't get used to something.

For shaving cream I used to just grab the own brand versions from any shop because It has never been something I've looked into before. I saw on someones blog which I can't remember who's and its really annoyed me! I picked up the Femfresh 2-1 shower and shave cream which is formulated for delicate intimate skin, I use this everywhere and its one of the best I have ever used. It doesn't foam up like most, it is kind of like a conditioner texture that lathers up. I decided to go for this because My legs and underarms are really sensitive to shaving which often leaves me in rashes which isn't attractive especially when it comes to summer and shorts... Since using this I have noticed how little they are being irritated and I put it down to the brands moisturising formula which helps to reduce redness and bumps. It is also Ph Balanced which is great for the lady area! I use this as a shaving cream but it can also be used as a daily wash too.

Along with this I have been using a post shave balm from the same brand. This is to calm and sooth skin because boy do I need it, I swear my skin just can't handle anything so I am relieved I have this to use now. It keeps skin soft and looking better for longer. I have only used it a handfull of times so can't comment on that just yet. 

What are your favourite in shower products?

Olivia x