Sanctuary Spa Shower Bursts!

Sanctuary bath and body products are ones that I am familiar with as my mum has always used them so they have been in and out of our bathroom. I have never been one to take much notice of them or to go near their section in shops but I saw the Shower bursts on a stand the other day while I was out shopping and I was so intrigued. I grabbed both because they were £5 down from 7 so of course being a sucker for money off I had to grab both... I know I didn't save anything at all but at least you all get to see what I think! I love the whole concept of foaming products, they're just so fun and different, I guess the inner child in me just gets released!

The one I have used the most is the Charcoal detox shower burst, it is the grey bottle and it smells amazing. It is made to refresh you and make sure that you are awake and ready for anything. It has that awesome cooling sensation but it isn't too unpleasant like some brands can be. it is just enough to make you notice. If you are a gym goer like me; it is perfect! You know that feeling you have when you get home after a hard work out and you just want to laze around all day? Yeah, well use this and it gives you a second wind to be productive. I dispense an amount into the palm of my hand which isn't usually a lot as when it foams up it is plenty enough! I massage it in and then rinse.

The second variety they have on offer is the 3 day long lasting moisture shower burst, it is a blend of gold oils and sweet almond oil bursts which again comes out as a gel and forms a foam as you massage it in. It has a really creamy feel to it, more like an overall spa feeling it leaves you with. I prefer to use this one at night time as it is a perfect way of winding down and feeling relaxed!

Have you tried them yet?

Olivia x