Soap and Glory Vitamin C Face Wash - Review

I have actually finished this face wash now so I guessed it was a great time to tell you what I thought about it as I used it up so quickly! This year I have become more aware about what I am using on my face and i'm trying to chose products that will benefit my skin type. Which is combination to oily if you are interested, if you have a similar complexion you might also fall in love with this product as much as I did! The one I have been using is a tester size, or one that comes in the gift sets around christmas time so that is what I came into contact with it for the first time. I have dabbled into the Soap and Glory skin care previously and I have had nothing but great things to say about them so I knew I would enjoy using this.

This is the Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 face wash that is meant to be used daily, I used this mostly after using a cleanser to really remove any dirt or traces of makeup at the end of the day. I really enjoyed that it foamed up, this makes me think that it is working harder then what a cream would do and I guess it might have been because it did wonders for helping to clear up my skin. It has jojoba scrubbing beads (Which may I add are completely biodegradable so they are safe for the environment unlike those horrid plastic ones!)  throughout that are soft on the skin which means you get more then just a wash but its great if you have sensitive skin that doesn't cope well with harsh scrubs! Along with those it also contains minerals and an exclusive super-fruit yuzu, whatever that is, complex that really helps to clean and purify your skin. It has always left my skin feeling clear and refreshed which is a huge difference from the usual dry texture I tend to feel after using foaming products. It doesn't seem to dry my skin out at all, just cleaner! It has been formulated towards oily and combination skin which is why I believe that my skin got on so well with the product as it wasn't stripping away any of my natural oils or over moisturising it.

I really love the feeling it leaves after you wash it off too, it's almost a cooling sensation which made me use it in the morning too as it felt so refreshing. The bottle that you can buy from shops like boots are really big compared to face washes I've used in the past so for £8 I can really say that it is great value for money. I see this as a mid price range as it isn't the most expensive one I have ever tried but it isn't the cheapest. But, you only need the smallest amount as it lathers up a fair bit so It is worth it in the long run.

Olivia x