First year at uni

First year is officially over, I move out today and I'm so excited to be moving home for the summer, the days of waiting around ready to leave are over. Thank goodness! I am happy to be home, fees nice to be somewhere i've spent most of my life.

First year has been amazing! Majority of my flat mates have been lovely and I am already missing them and can't wait to move in for second year and do it all over again. It's a bitter sweet feeling moving out. My room was my own, decorated how I wanted, I cleaned it when I wanted and I got to buy everything for myself. Obviously I still do that at home but it's my mums house so I can't decide everything which I will miss. I guess you get used to living a certain way so it's all an adjustment. I packed everything a week ago because I am stupidly organised so It will be nice to have stuff again! I have a few post's I want to write actually, what i've learnt, moving to a city.. things like that. Sort of a tips post or along those lines! One thing I will say is that I will be glad to get into a routine again. I've spent my nights binging Netflix or playing the sims and sleeping in and then repeating the process. I have also done some serious shopping damage because it is the only entertainment I have had haha!

This year has been a huge learning curve for me, I have always been independent so moving out wasn't the issue, I am capable of looking after myself. But having to financially support myself to some extent was a huge shock. How expensive are things like cheese and mouthwash?! It's daylight robbery. Also if you're moving into halls doing your washing will probably bankrupt you! But at then end of the year I can look back and see that I have had two different jobs, the latter being amazing and I am lucky I got to work with the amazing people there. The first one not so much.. It gave me experience though.

But now I am back I will be daily blogging again and putting all of my efforts into my blog and youtube channel which I am looking forward too. Along with a few trips away and other exciting things planned.

Speak to you tomorrow!

Olivia x