Bourjois - 123 Perfect CC Cream Review

Now that summer is allegedly here, If you're from England then you will understand! I love putting down my foundations and looking for lighter alternatives that still give the appropriate coverage that I am after. This year I have chosen the 123 Perfect CC Cream from Bourjois. It has three colour correcting pigments that are used to battle any areas that you want to be covered. It has apricot which is used for any signs of fatigue, green to reduce the appearance of any redness and white for any dark spots that you may have on your sin.

I have been using the shade 32 - Light beige which has SPF 15 and is also oil free which is what I look for in a summer base product as I tend to get oily naturally so I dont need any help in that area. It is alway good to grab a product with SPF especially if you're like me and forget to apply it unless you're on Holliday so picking a product with it already in makes my life easier. The formula is very light but has very good coverage, it isn't a foundation so it does have a lighter coverage to begin with. It blends beautifully on the skin, I like to use this with a brush just because you can get the maximum amount of coverage that way. I do use a setting powder and a primer with this product just to get the most flawless finish but overall I have been enjoying using this on my face. and for only £9.99 it is a steal!

Olivia x