Chester zoo

Back in June.. I know it has taken me this long to get the post up :( Me and my boyfriend traveled across to manchester to visit the zoo and explore the city. With us both working near animals it is always nice to visit other areas and see other kinds of animals. I did take quite a few photos of the animals but here are some of my favourites. 

The first and most important stop on my list! Giraffes are my all time favourite animal because they are just so individual looking with huge crazy necks and beautiful patterns. I find them so majestic to watch while they move about and they also had some babies which was lovely to see.

I love seeing elephants, Chester has recently had a new addition to the group which was also nice to see while we were there. As you can see they were very hungry as we arrived so I managed to get a few action shots. 

This bit was new for me as I haven't been in ages. They now have Islands where they show case animals in the natural environment and what the society would look like where they are from. The detailing in the islands was amazing, there were so many details and things to look at. 

Chester also has a boat ride which you can go on to see some of the enclosures, sadly we ran out of time to do this but I would love to go again and see what it looks like from a boat. 

Their vibrant colours are so amazing. 

Okapi are closely related to Giraffes even though they have the stripes like zebras which I think is so cool, you can kind of see some sort of connection through the facial features. 

He looked like a cool guy. 

A little tiny baby with its mum. 

Sloths are so funny with how slow they move, I find them fascinating to watch as they cling onto trees and branches. 

Reptiles and other such animals are great to photograph because of their unique colours and shapes. 

How pretty is this frogs colouring though?!

I hope you likes these pictures, I like to break up the beauty related posts occasionally so heres something a little different while trying out my camera lens!

Olivia x