Essie Nail Gel Couture

I have always been an Essie nail varnish fan, they may not have the best staying power but their colour range is stunning. I was so happy when they released the Essie Gel couture which is in a different shaped bottle that has a swirl pattern and a flat brush which makes it easier to apply the varnish in one stroke. They are part of a two-step formula that includes a base and a top coat which really emphasises the shine. They say you can get up to two weeks worth of wear but that depends on how much you use you hands are to how long they last for. They would make an amazing alternative to gel nails from a salon if you are going away on holiday where you wont be doing much but relaxing. I currently have two shades which are quite similar but I can't wait to try more shades are there are 32 shades currently in boots. I also have the top coat as I have been testing to see if it makes a difference. So far I have noticed that it does give the nail extra shine. I have shade 300 - The it-factor which is a very vibrant pink and Shade 50 - Stitch by stitch which is a paler more Barbie pink. As you can see there is a theme!

Olivia x