L'Oreal Paradise mascara - Review

I have never been so excited over a mascara as I have for this, first of all I have heard amazing things and secondly it comes in the most gorgeous packaging ever. The elegant rose gold/bronze look really does separate it from every other on the market. I love the brush, it is very similar to the too faced better then sex mascara wand with the shape and thickness which allows the product to be evenly applied to give intense length and volume. From first use it was easy to apply and didn't take long to evenly coat each lash individually to leave the full lash look.

After one coat I noticed a huge difference already compared to my usual mascaras, I applied another just to see how well it builds up and there was no sign of clumping at all. That is one thing I tend to find as a down fall to many mascaras. It is very black when applied which made a huge difference too, I find that it helps with the length as it helps to make the lashes stand out. The formula contains castor oil which adds the benefits of conditioning the lashes throughout the application. Along with making the formula smoother and easier to apply in my opinion. I have been wearing this for 8+ hours a day for the past week and it has lasted for a whole day at work without flaking or smudging. I have also noticed that it doesn't irritate my eyes at all which I find with every other that I have tried as I do have sensitivity around that area. It is a very flattering product which I would never have thought to describe it as, It really opens up the eyes by holding up the lashes for lengths of time. Along with being easy to remove without leaving a serious case of panda eyes it is up there with some of my favourite products just from the first impressions.

I would 100% repurchase again and obviously recommend it or it wouldn't be featuring on my blog! I know everyone has their own opinions on mascaras as it is quite a personal thing to find as everyones lashes are different so things may work for some people but not have the same effect for others. For me, my lashes are very short and straight to start off with, it takes a lot of work to get them to hold a curl without being flattened by the weight of the product. However, with the smooth formula of the paradise I have found that it leaves an almost feather like feeling over the lashes it is so light weight.

With this mascara only costing £9.99 it is a huge steal! You can find it HERE