Pixi - Nourishing Lip Polish

I received this product in a monthly Love me Beauty Bag, it isn't something I would have ever thought of picking up but I would re purchase it now after using it so much. I didn't even realise that you could get lip scrubs from Pixi beauty as I had only looked at their skincare products before. The purpose is to remove any dead skin and revitalise chapped lips as it has a rich consistency with shea butter, sweet almond, apricot and primrose oils which rehabilitates and soothes the lips. It leaves lips smooth and hydrated with its conditioning ingredients.

The polish comes out of an applicator with massaging nibs on the end that help to stimulate the circulation which enhances the natural shape of the lips, leaving them looking plump. I usually buff the balm into my lips for a few minutes using the applicator and then I let it sink in and absorb to get the full benefits. This lip polish retails at £14 In the Uk!

olivia x