Things I've been doing to step away from the internet!

We all know how life is being addicted to social media and checking it at least 10 times a day to see who's posted a new flat lay on a marble background... I'm guilty of this too. I have picked a few things that I have started doing to get away from the screens and to properly switch off.

The first thing is a little bit of a throw back but I have been picking up my DS and spending half an hour just winding down and playing games that really relax me and don't need much focus. I have found that if I'm stressed or bored taking a few minutes for myself gives me that time away that I need. It also takes me away from the social media side of the internet for a while which Is always a much needed break.

The second thing I have been doing it scrapbooking. I am not the most artistic type of person and I usually just get frustrated at myself because it never goes as planned. Having a scrapbook is a way of making art that you can look back on. I have been using stamps and coloured papers and documenting any memories. I love that I can turn all of my screens off and take time out and do something fun.

I like to take my dog for a walk, this is kind of a must as he needs walking everyday but I take my time round the field that he loves and put my phone away and just enjoy being outside with him and again stepping away from the screens.

Reading a book is something I have been getting back into recently, I have added a few book shelves into my room so now I have no reason not too. I read before bed to help wind down and turn my thoughts off for the evening which has also helped me sleep better.

Organising things, may not sound fun at all but I love re-organising and sorting things out like my makeup collection and my wardrobe. This can take hours which means I am away from the internet for longer periods of time and it also means that my room stays tidy.

Looking after my nails! This may sound strange but I have started to sit down once a week and look after my nails and do at home treatments on them to keep them looking healthy as I have finally started to let them grow. Before I would sit down with a film but now I put one of my records on and listen to music which for a little while.

Stepping away from the internet, phones and screens is important. I have been making an effort to step back and relax more then I used to. It is much needed and It also helps my blogging brain!

Olivia x