Whats on my bed side table

When I redecorated my room I DIY'd my bedside table and I am pretty damn pleased with it! It is a wheel around trolly from Ikea which I spray pained gold to fit in with the theme of my room. I used this because I don't have much space by the side of my bed to have two standing tables as i have my wardrobe that opens out and it would just be in the way. Now I have a fully functioning night stand that can be moved out of the way if I need to access the draws.

On the top tray I have A heart shaped tray which says 'pretty things' I got this a few years ago so Im not too sure where it is from! I have the so that I can take any jewellery that I have on and place it there for safe keeping. I also keep my Fitbit and any other important things that I need to hand. I also have a wooden phone stand also from Ikea to keep my phone in when I'm not using it. Then I have a coaster to keep drinks on which is actually a Game of Thrones one.

On the second tray down I keep 2 notebooks incase I have any Ideas which I do usually get as I'm going to sleep, a box of tissues because you never know when you'll need them especially with hay-fever! I also keep any moisturisers and foot/hand lotions here too as I tend to forget but this reminds me to apply them before I go to sleep. You will usually find my DS here too as its easy to grab and play when I want it.

On the bottom tray I have an acrylic storage station where I keep all of my makeup palettes as I couldn't fit them with my other makeup products. I like having them there as I can see which ones I have. I also had nothing else to go at the bottom so they fit nicely. In there I also keep any hand creams and things like that as back up. I then have a heart shaped bowl which I believe is from Asda! I keep every lip balm I own in there so I know where they are at all times as I HATE having dry lips so it reminds me to apply before bed.

I love my side table as it is pretty as well as practical, great for small tables as it can be moved around! I sometimes use the top tray to keep products on when I am filming for my youtube channel so it has more then one purpose.

Olivia x