Travel Skincare Bag

I have just got back from 3 weeks away which has been amazing and now my skin is looking really good even if I do say so myself. I only took a handful of products with me which I was away because I didn't want to be spending ages on a routine. I kept it pretty basic with only using products that I love and knew I would need while I was away. I wanted to share them with you because of how clear and healthy my skin is looking and I know it was from the TLC I gave it. 

- Just a little background - 
I spent two weeks in disney where I did wear makeup every day pretty much all day. I wore sun cream and got pretty sweaty with the heat and that isn't a great combo for great skin. 
I then went on a cruise for a week where I only wore makeup in the evenings for maybe 2 hours tops, apart from that I went bare faced which I think is what helped the most. I wore an SPF of 50 on my face all of the time to protect it from the sun, I also used sunglasses to protect my eyes and never showed my face to the sun, I either sat with my head in the shade if I wanted to lay in the sun or I wore a hat just for that extra protection. I don't like to tan my face just because I know the skin is very sensitive and I want to keep it as healthy as possible without any sun damage. I came back with a total pale face which I am extremely happy with. I am going to do a separate post with the suncream I used as it was great!

In the mornings and evenings I would wash my face, I didn't take a face wash as I knew there was one I wanted to get on the first day from Sephora. it is the Boscia Jelly ball cleanser which is essentially a ball of cleanser that you later up in your hands like you would with soap and then rib it over your face to remove any trace of makeup. It worked wonders! In the morning it would leave my face feeling fresh and clean ready for the next steps. In the evening it would remove all makeup including eye makeup that usually gets left behind. I even tested it with a white towel and there were no traces of anything left behind!

The next step I would take my Liz Earle Skin repair light moisturiser for combination to oily skin, It was so hard choosing a moisturiser to take as I have so many that I love but I only wanted to take products that I had been using for a long time and I kew that would help in the heat. It is light weight and sits nicely under makeup which is what I needed.

Then I would use The Body Shops drops of light eye cream just to keep that area hydrated and looking healthy. I have also noticed that makeup tends to sit better when I use an eye cream. 

I also took the Effaclar A.I which is a quick target imperfection corrector, I made sure I had this incase I had any breakouts as I knew there would be lots of photos in disney world and I wanted to look my best. I usually apply this onto any blemishes at night time and in the morning they have reduced in size and are easier to cover up. 

Nip and Fab night time pads were used every day and night after cleansing to help exfoliate my skin and keep the surface clean and clear. I took one pack of these which lasted the three weeks and meant that I could make some room at the end by throwing the empty tub away. I use these daily at home and they have made a huge difference with my skins texture and the look of my complexion. 

I used the Botanics facial scrub every few days just because I was using suncreams and being sweaty so I wanted to remove any build up that may have been caused from this. The scrub is really lovely to use as it does have a slight gritty texture but it isn't too harsh on the skin. I have extremely sensitive skin so finding an option like this has been amazing. 

Another product I used while I was away from Botanics is the Organic refreshing toning spritz, I placed this in the fridge to keep it cool and this made it even more refreshing especially if I came back from the Disney parks and took my makeup off, it would really feel amazing on my skin and keep it hydrated.  

And that is that. Everything I take when I am traveling this could be to any destination as they are all my every day essentials!

Olivia x