Botanics Skincare!

I have recently become an ambassador for Botanics which can be found in Boots, it has been available for many years but they have recently changed their packaging and re-launched their range. It is stunningly beautiful and they have 4 ranges for different skincare needs. Organic, brightening, hydrating and early signs of ageing. They send me over a few products to try out which I have been doing for the past month and now I will share what I have been thinking, how they work and If they are worth it!

All Bright Purifying Face Scrub is a gentle scrub which buffs away dull skin leaving it clean, smooth and radiant which is what we all want. Especially with winter looming and the colder weather starting to become frequent we should all be using the products that can help keep our skin in tip top condition. It is infused with natural hibiscus extract which has brightening properties as it's flower acids improve skin texture. I have been using this 2-3 times a week and I have noticed a difference in my skins texture. 

Retails at 3.66

Botanics all Bright Hydrating Day Cream SPF 15 leaves skin feeling soft with one simple application, it has UV protection which is important to use all year round. By using a moisturiser with SPF it ensures that your skin is protected without having to worry about applying suncream as an extra step. Like the face scrub it also helps to give the skin a dose of radiance so using them hand in hand will brighten your complexion for sure! I have been using this in the morning before applying makeup, I allow it to sink in for a few minutes which is all it takes with it's light formula. 

Retails at 4.66

Botanics organic Hydrating Day Cream is very nourishing and can be used during the day which I have been using along side the brightening moisturiser, I have been swapping them depending on how much nourishment I want that day. If my skin is feeling dryer I have been opting for this cream as it is non-greasy which is a hell yes for oily skin! It is fast absorbing and is infused with organic rosehip extract which is rich with skin foods for a healthy complexion.
retails at 6.66

%100 Organic Rose water refreshing toning spritz helps to purify skin leaving it revitalised and prepared for the rest of your skincare steps. I think this is perfect for my routine as it is quick to use and as a uni student it is amazing to use before those 9am's if you understand, the refreshing spritz is an instant wake up call. It has a really nice scent and feels really soothing on the skin. I took this on holiday and kept it in the fridge for when I got back to the villa and it was the best thing ever to cool down. 

Retails at 5.33

I have recently gone out and purchased two other products of my own and I am testing them out so look out for more botanics post's soon! Everything is super affordable and works really well, feels nice on the skin and is all natural. 

Olivia x