Favourite Eco Tools

Since I started getting into makeup I have loved so many makeup brushes and brands, there are so many for different reasons as to why I love them. Recently I have been all about Eco Tool products as they work amazingly, they are environmentally friendly and cruelty free which is even better. 

Their beauty sponges are brill! They're the right density for them to apply makeup flawlessly and there are two sizes that make it easier to get around the curves of your face. The smaller green one is amazing for concealer around the eye area and in small areas around the nose. The bigger sponge is so amazing for foundation and for blending out cream products like contour and blush! As it has a larger area it can get your full face done in no time. They really are a perfect blending duo, They are made of Eco foam that is made of 70% plant based materials! I like to use them both wet then squeeze out any excess water which I find works really well. 

Retails at £8.22

Their eye brushes are also really great for makeup application. I have the enhancing eye set which is two double ended brushes, I am usually not a fan but I find them great for traveling because there are 4 different heads which takes up less room. There is a head for shade, define, blend and smudge which if you agree is all you really need for an eye look. They're super soft and blend out shadows seamlessly.

Retails at £4.93

The contour perfecting applicator is designed to make any cheekbones stand out with one simple sweep. It has a firm sponge tip, pretty similar to a beauty sponge but with a easy applicator handle. it creates a natural looking definition with a controlled wand. You can use this applicator dry with cream of powder products.   

Retails at £4.93

The full powder brush is my most used out of them all, it is defined with a large dense surface that goes up to a tip which makes it perfect to sweep around the face. It is incredibly soft which is what I look for with a powder brush. It can be used by simply pressing onto the powder, tapping off excess and a simple sweep!

Retails at £7.40

I love the wooden handles the eco tools have, they are well made and feel even softer after they have been washed. They have the perfect brush for any need and they're all reasonably priced. 

Olivia x