Lush Toothie Tabs!

I don't think I have ever done a tooth paste review or any kind of mouth cleaning product review come to think of it. But for the past few months or so I have been really thinking about using products that can actually benefit my mouths health. It also comes in hand when being obsessed with makeup too because you don't want to be trying pretty lipsticks with gross teeth! I actually wanted to do this post because I have been trying out the Lush Toothie Tabs which is something very new for me as I have always used a squeeze tube that you can find from any supermarket.  I was intrigued though so I picked up a tube of the Boom! Tabs, they are solid toothpaste tablets that can be used to clean teeth with charcoal and gunpowder blast.

I have been using them day and night as I would with usual toothpaste. The charcoal helps to remove plaque from the surface area of the teeth as you brush. In the tube I picked up for £5.95 comes approximately 100 tabs which is around 50 days usage which I think is pretty good value for how long they last. To use just pop one between your teeth and crunch until a foam starts to form which is unexpected but it really does make enough to brush your teeth. They have a slightly gritty texture that gives the feeling of exfoliation along the surface which afterwards make your teeth feel very clean. I am not a huge fan of the flavour I picked up  as it is meant to be a spicy cola but I do prefer a minty flavour when it comes to brushing my teeth. But that is the only problem I have had so far, This has also meant that I haven't fully replaced my usual branded toothpaste as I am still unsure but I will be picking up a minty flavour to see the full effect. 

As I said, I am yet to replace my usual toothpaste with a natural alternative just yet. I am going to test a few other tabs from lush to see If I prefer a more natural tasting flavour that I am used to. So far I have used them day and night and I had no problems with my teeth feeling any different. They made my teeth feel clean and shiny which is always good. I also take a few and keep them in my bag or they are also great for traveling especially or on a plane! They are easy to use and convenient to use on the go. 

Olivia x