pmd Kiss Lip Plumping System - Review

I recently got sent the PMD Kiss system from Love me beauty, I have to say I was apprehensive to see how it preformed as it isn't something I would usually look at of go for. I am not one for big lips as I am quite happy with my own so I didn't know how I would get on with it.
The kit comes with clear instructions which were easy to follow and it quite a quick process and I would say great before a night out or a day where you want to have fuller looking lips.

Following their guide I applied the lip serum onto my lips, it is quite thick more like a balm which was easy to apply. I then chose the correct lip mould that comes with it, there are two to chose from to suit different shaped lips. I then placed it over and clicked the button to start the suction process. There are two settings, one for a quick plump which can only take a matter of minutes. The second speed is a longer process but makes the effect last for longer. I tried the first quicker setting to start with. I placed the applicator over my lips and let it pulse 10 times in a row before moving onto the next section. You are meant to do it over 4 sections of your lips but I found that if I did 6 it worked better for me.

The feeling is a little tingly but it doesn't hurt or anything. My lips felt plump and I could visibly see a more natural looking pout which is what I was looking for while using the system. It lasted for what I could tell for a for a few hours which is amazing considering how quick the process is to do.

I have yet to try the longer setting and to see how well it works but I am happy with using the quicker few minutes for occasions.

It is small and portable, it is USB charged which is really handy because it can be charged from a laptop if you are on the go, it doesn't take long to charge at all.  It has a cap to keep the mouth piece clean so it is all self contained.

I am really impressed with this system and I am sure those who are after more voluminous lips would love it too. You can get a perfect pout! It retails at - which I have to say I thought was very pricey at first but If you use it regularly it will certainly make up for the cost in no time.

Olivia x